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IWA Water Safety Portal

Celebrating excellence in drinking water safety practices in
low and middle income countries


The promotion of effective interventions to improve and maintain drinking water safety is an
important effort in safeguarding public health through the provision of safe drinking water. 

Various interventions, at the household level and city wide, have been proven to improve drinking
water safety. One such intervention, Water Safety Plans (WSPs), have been successfully implemented
across the spectrum of urban, peri-urban and rural settings to give rise to improvements in drinking
water quality and public health. In particular, water operators are also seeing intermediary benefits
such as improvements in operational efficiency, improved compliance and increasing consumer

The award scheme seeks applications from service providers who are implementing WSPs and have
made demonstrable improvements in delivering safe water, for example:

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Decrease in water quality incidences
  • Increase in consumer confidence
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved stakeholder cooperation
  • Improved asset management
  • Improved catchment management 


  • Global competition 
  • The scope of the award covers drinking water safety management in low and middle income
    countries, in urban and peri-urban situations
  • Work done must be completed to such an extent that performance can be assessed
  • Submission should demonstrate drinking water safety and/ public health achievements
  • Entries are accepted from organisations based in developed or developing countries. Please refer
    to the countries classified as Low- or Middle-Income by the World Bank list of economies (July 2010)   
  • Globally judged by a selected judge panel


The overall theme is drinking water safety achievement in urban and peri-urban settings in low and middle income countries. 

Submission categories:

  1. LAMIC Drinking Water Safety award - the LAMIC  applicant judged to have met the award criteria to the highest level
  2. East Africa Drinking Water Safety award – the East Africa applicant judged to have met the award criteria to the highest level
  3. Honorary Drinking Water Safety award – the LAMIC applicant whose special efforts the judges wish to single out for recognition


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