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Recent progress in several East-African countries gives rise to an opportunity to create substantial  sub-regional momentum for WSP implementation. Strong utility leadership and governance, greater cooperation betweenutilities and governments and experience with WSP implementation have contributed to a significant improvement in utility performance in these countries.

The Africa Water Safety Plan Network is a group of stakeholders that promotes the widespread implementation of drinking-water safety plans in the region.

This website aims to be the portal for the Network to offer updated and critical information on water
safety plans in the Africa region

  • Water Safety Plans in the region : Provides insights to the development and implementation of WSP in the region
  • News and events : Informs on what has happened or what is happening in the region
  • 11 modules of a Water Safety Plan can be read on the homepage
  • Toolbox: Providing access to tools and case studies (both Global products as well as regional specific). You can also share your case studies with others by uploading it into the toolbox. (Please note that the full text can be viewed only if you are logged in as a Network participant.)
  • Networking: raise awareness on who in the region is involved in WSP development and implementation.
  • Online advisory service: Provides an online system for remote advisory service, in which you can enter queries on WSP development or implementation for other Network participants to respondto.

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